4 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kid to Brush Teeth

4 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kid to Brush Teeth

Posted by We C Kids Dental on Sep 9 2021, 08:41 AM

Each kid is unique, and parents have to use different techniques to make hygiene a daily practice. Brushing teeth is an essential part of hygiene that helps stay steer from bacteria in the mouth. If not cleaned properly, the bacteria will build up to be a plaque, which will result in teeth and gum-related issues. We C Kids Dental has Pediatric expert dentists who suggest fun ways to make brushing an exciting habit.

Lead by Demonstration

Most kids like to mimic their parents and their daily habits. It is advised to brush teeth together as parents can demonstrate the routine to kids, which they would follow and eventually become their habit. Parents can teach their children how to hold and move the toothbrush gently, in the correct pattern, in small strokes during this process. Each day they can be taught various techniques to attend to each tooth and to clean the tongue during the process. 

Sing and Brush

Once the kid learns the basics of brushing teeth, parents can make the process a fun part of their daily routine with the help of singing/songs. Parents can play a song or rhyme that is interesting to the kid while brushing teeth. They can play 2-minute music and ask the kid to keep brushing their teeth until the music stops. 

Let Them Choose the Toothbrush

There is an array of toothbrushes and toothpaste varieties available in the stores. The kid should be allowed to choose the brush of their choice, which may increase their interest in brushing their teeth. They can also have multiple toothbrushes at home from which they can choose one for their daily brushing routine.

Watch Fun Videos of Brushing Teeth

Several videos are available on various platforms that teach kids the right way to brush their teeth.  The colorful videos may help them build interest in the process. The parents can choose an ideal video and play it along for the child to brush. It helps them to stay focused during the process and makes them follow the ideal method of brushing. 

It is best advised to teach the kids about oral hygiene to avoid pediatric emergencies. We C Kids, Kids Dentist located in El Monte, CA, has an efficient pediatric wing that attends to all dental emergencies of kids. Call (626) 628-2424 and book an appointment with the dentist team to know more about dental care for kids. 

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