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At We C Kids Dental, our goal is to provide a place that children can come as infants all the way into adulthood. We do that by first establishing a dental home for your most prized possession, your children. That is why we provide free exams and cleaning for all children under 3 years old. Our goal is that through education and establishing a place where children can learn good dental habits that they hopefully will never have a cavity, it is possible!!! If your child should ever need treatment, we provide an office that offers a wide range of services to treat the needs of your child.

Kids Dentist


FREE EXAMS for children under 3 years old to help establish a dental home. Decay can begin as soon as teeth form in the mouth. It is important to make an appointment as early as the first teeth come in the mouth to prevent decay and learn good brushing habits.


Regular dental checkup for children is an essential part of their preventive dental health care. When you visit our office, our dentist will adequately clean and check your child’s teeth for tooth decay and other issues and suggest the best treatment to resolve them.

Adult Dental Care

As you get older, you are at risk of developing many dental problems. To tackle all of them, we offer dental services for adults in a very relaxed and comfortable environment. Keeping in consideration the current pandemic situation, our entire staff and dentists are fully vaccinated. For everyone's safety, we have introduced some new safety protocols in our office including, sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer in all areas of the office.



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