Restorative Dentistry El Monte, CA

Restorative Dentistry El Monte, CA

Restorative Dentistry includes the prevention and management of teeth diseases in order to restore them to their optimum health. The teeth are incapable of self-healing, and therefore permanent damage to a tooth may result in its extraction if professional treatment is not performed at the earliest. If a dental filling cannot save a damaged tooth, more extensive restorations such as crowns and endodontic therapy called pulpotomy might be necessitated. Restorative work performed on time means that the patient can preserve their natural teeth, which is ultimately beneficial for healthy oral health and orthodontic progress.

What are the different types of Restorative Services?

  • Pulpotomy:This treatment is performed for conditions such as a deep cavity, pain from an infected tooth, or when the decay is very close to touching the tooth's pulp or nerve. The child could develop a serious infection or lose the tooth if not treated promptly and correctly. With the help of a special drill, the cavity and the top portion of the nerve are cleaned. The pulp is then sterilized, and medicine is put over the empty space to control bleeding. Depending on the amount of decay, the whole nerve or part of it may be removed. A stainless steel crown will be attached over the remaining portion of the tooth. The crown will be fixed over the tooth at the same appointment.
  • Crowns: Primary teeth that have not erupted properly or have decay or fractures, or have undergone a pulpotomy recently may need to be capped with a stainless steel crown for further protection. The crowns are fixed right after the restorative procedures are performed. The procedure for a crown fixture involves numbing the area around the tooth and reshaping the tooth in order to accommodate the crown. A special drill is made use of to shape the tooth, and the amount of enamel that has to be removed depends on how much damage has occurred due to the decay. Once this is done, the crown is placed over the treated tooth. Strong adhesives may be used to glue the crown. The whole procedure can be completed in 30 minutes.
  • White Fillings: They are used to cover up the area that has been drilled out to remove the cavity. Fillings cannot be used to fill large cavities. The procedure for filling includes cleaning and removing the decay from the affected tooth by using special dental drills. Silver fillings or composite white fillings can be used for this purpose.
  • Tooth Extractions: A child might require a tooth extraction due to several reasons. It may be required if a tooth is beyond repair or to lessen the teeth' overcrowding or create space for wearing braces. The procedure can be accomplished in 30 minutes and performed under local anesthesia.
  • Space Maintainers:They are used to make appropriate space for the formation of the adult teeth or to treat the overcrowding of the teeth. Spacer maintainers are temporary and will be removed once the new tooth erupts or the teeth around it become loose.

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