Nerve Treatment and Crowns El Monte, CA

Nerve Treatment and Crowns El Monte, CA

A bacterial infection of the nerve can occur in a child when a tooth has a deep cavity or has suffered a traumatic injury. Due to the thinner tooth enamel, smaller size, and relatively more extensive nerves of the primary teeth, an infection can be advanced. Therefore it becomes mandatory to cleanse and remove the infected part of the nerve in order to save the tooth. This is a routine procedure conducted on the primary teeth after a pulpotomy has been finished. The remaining structure of the tooth has to be protected with a crown.

A baby tooth may require a nerve treatment akin to a root canal for specific cases. Nerve treatments are effective and completely safe procedures to ease pain and stop the spread of decay in a tooth. 

Pulpotomy is a method of nerve treatment for children. In this procedure, the infected or damaged nerve of the tooth is extracted. The dentist usually removes the surface nerve structure in the pulp chamber. After the damaged pulp is extracted, a baby crown may be fixed on the tooth to protect and make it durable. When the permanent teeth start erupting, the baby crown will naturally fall along with the baby tooth.

What is the importance of nerve treatment?

Primary or baby teeth start to fall off naturally between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. This makes the parents wonder why a dentist sometimes advises nerve treatment for their children's teeth. Nerve treatment helps save your children's baby teeth until it reaches the exact period when it should drop off naturally. It prevents the loss of baby teeth due to an infection or trauma. A nerve treatment helps preserve a baby's tooth until they usually get loose, fall, and get substituted by an adult tooth. This baby tooth functions normally, making it easier for your child to eat, and it will also preserve the space for the developing adult tooth. 

Baby teeth are as crucial as permanent teeth, so when your children are suffering from a painful, inflamed, sensitive, or cracked tooth with the pulp exposed, it becomes imperative to see a dentist at the earliest.

Why should crowns be used after a nerve treatment?

Teeth that are broken, worn, or destroyed partially due to tooth decay are capped with a dental restoration called Crowns. They are deployed to strengthen a tooth to help support a nerve treatment. Crowns are bonded onto an existing tooth's surface and fully shield the tooth above the gum line. As a consequence, the crown begins to act like the tooth's new outer surface. 

Crowns for young children's teeth are made out of stainless steel as this material is excellent but at the same thin, and it also enables the preservation of a large amount of natural tooth structure. They are frequently used for the back teeth keeping aesthetics in mind. These crowns need care just like the natural teeth, and good oral hygiene is crucial for the crown's longevity. When the permanent teeth start erupting, the crown will also fall out along with the baby tooth.   

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