Dental Fillings El Monte, CA

Dental Fillings El Monte, CA

Dental fillings are a way to repair the tooth after a dental cavity or tooth decay. Acid is created when the bacteria in your child's mouth combines with sugar from the foods they eat. This acid begins to erode your child's sensitive tooth enamel, making it weaken and creating tiny holes in the enamel. These small holes are known as dental cavities. If detected in the initial stages, these cavities can be cured with a dental filling. The dental filling will fill in the decayed portion of the tooth, shielding it and preventing the bacteria from spreading further deep into the tooth.

What are the types of fillings used in children?

  • Amalgam Fillings:It is a solid and durable filling, making it an excellent option for molars prone to extreme bite pressures. It is comparatively economical than the other fillings and can last up to ten years. The filling material can be applied quickly, and the entire filling procedure can be accomplished in a single visit to the dentist. 
  • White tooth-colored fillings:The selections in this category include composite resins, glass Ionomer, and a combination of resin-modified glass Ionomer. As a first step in the procedure, the decay is extracted and cleaned from the tooth's surface. The white filling is painted one layer at a time, while simultaneously each layer is revealed to intense light so that the filling material gets hardened. The tooth and filling are then molded and polished, so the result looks and feels as natural as possible. The striking finish makes white fillings virtually unnoticeable. The filling helps to seal the hole of the cavity and prevents its recurrence in the future. Besides, only minimal removal of the tooth enamel is required as the bonding holds the filling securely in place.
  • Sedative Fillings:These fillings don't involve the need for drilling. Instead, they are smeared directly onto the tooth. This provides an ideal solution for children who have difficulty sitting still in the dentist's chair for a lengthy period. Resin or glass Ionomer may be used in combination with sedative fillings to treat the decayed portions of the tooth. Sedative fillings ease the pain caused when the center portion of the tooth's pulp gets irritated and inflamed. A sedative filling helps reduce the chance of saliva or bacteria leaking into the tooth and irritating the pulp in the future. This filling is used only if a child's tooth has been damaged by decay or trauma and requires immediate attention. The filling can last for a good few years, provided the child follows adequate dental hygiene. For the filling to do its work, regular checkups may be necessary.

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