Nitrous Oxide El Monte, CA

Nitrous Oxide El Monte, CA

Nitrous Oxide Sedation offers one of the most effective methods to reduce a child's anxiety while undergoing dental treatment. It is commonly stated as laughing gas and is the most prevalent sedation method in dentistry. It is routinely advised for children who require simple dental procedures. 

Nitrous oxide has been the principal means of sedation in dentistry for many years, and it is safe. It is a mixture of two gases composed of 70% oxygen and 30% nitrous oxide. This sedation method is administered through a small breathing mask which is placed over the child's nose. This lets your child relax, but at the same time conscious. They can breathe on their own and remain in complete control of their bodily functions. Nitrous oxide sedation is considered to be a very safe and effective technique for treating children's dental needs. It is a mild gas, and this sedation is quickly taken and non-addictive. A child may experience mild amnesia and may not have any memory of the procedure. The gas is also exhaled promptly from the body with normal breathing. While inhaling the pediatric laughing gas, the child will remain fully conscious and keep all their natural reflexes.

What are the objectives of nitrous oxide sedation?

  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation helps reduce anxiety while undergoing dental procedures.
  • The gag reflexes are reduced.
  • The threshold to bear the pain of the procedures is raised.
  • It assists in the treatment of physically or mentally challenged children.
  • There is no untoward movement or reaction while the procedure is being performed.
  • The communication and cooperation between the patient and doctor are enhanced.
  • It increases the tolerance levels of children for a longer appointment at the clinic.

How is nitrous oxide administered?

Nitrous oxide sedation is administered to the child in the dental chair. The child will inhale the nitrous oxide gas through a small mask that is attached to their nose. It does not cover their mouth. The inhalation of the gas can make the children feel drowsy and relaxed. The child will still be aware of what is happening around them but will feel distracted, warm, and have a tingling sensation in their hands and feet. They may be a little vague and might not be able to remember the procedure afterward. At the time of giving the nitrous oxide, the doctor will monitor your child's sedation level to make sure that they can still cooperate and follow the voiced instructions. Then the dental treatment will be performed. 

The child will recover from the effects of nitrous oxide very fast once their treatment has been concluded. They will be observed for a short period following the sedation.

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