Pediatric Free Exams El Monte, CA

Pediatric Free Exams El Monte, CA

Regular dental examination for children is an essential aspect of their preventive health care. As part of their exam, a child’s teeth are adequately cleaned and checked for tooth decay and other issues before they turn into graves ones. Though a baby may not have many teeth, an infant dental exam provides an opportunity for the doctors to get a comprehensive assessment of their teeth, gums, lips, and tongue. They will provide an analysis of your child’s future facial growth and developments and discuss their dietary challenges and provide solutions accordingly.

What should you expect during Free Exams?

During a pediatric free examination, the dentist will examine your child’s teeth and make sure that there is sufficient space between your child’s primary teeth to accept the secondary set of permanent teeth evenly. He will detect any emerging tooth or gum issues further and accordingly fix them to avoid problems in the future.

Periodic dental x-rays will help the dentist detect any decay in between your child’s teeth and help avert future potential problems with your child’s teeth alignment, bone structure formation, or jaw development. X-rays also provide an excellent opportunity to identify future overbite conditions. Developing problems give you and the dentist time to deliberate and accordingly initiate the necessary corrective measures.

Regular free exams of your child will provide a chance to maintain a record of how your child’s permanent teeth are developing. Any signs of biting, chewing, or speech impediments are watched and monitored.  Detecting any dental problem in the early stages gives you an opportunity for the required corrective treatment. 

Free exams help to educate your child in establishing a lifetime of positive dental routines to achieve and sustain healthy, decay-free, strong, well-aligned white teeth and pink gums. When your child feels at ease with the dentist, he or she will not delay seeking the dentist’s help if a problem arises between regular visits. 

When should you plan your child’s first free exam? 

It is ideal for planning your child’s first free exam after his or her first birthday as this ensures that not only are the problems diagnosed early but create your child’s bond with the dentist. The initial free exam will entail a thorough inspection of the mouth and jawbone. A discussion on the diet and benefits of fluoride can also be carried out with the dentist. While at the clinic, you can also learn some at-home techniques for good oral hygiene and discuss your child’s eating habits. All this will help lay the groundwork for the excellent life-long oral health of your child.

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