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Kids dentists are usually pediatric dentists who have additional training in treating children. A pediatric dentist treats both children and adults but is mainly specialized in treating children. 

What do children need to visit a dentist for?

A child should visit a pediatric dentist for the following dental check-ups:

  • To diagnose and treat any infections or diseases in their gums, teeth, or jaw.
  • To help a child overcome their fear of visiting a dentist.
  • To educate them about good oral hygiene habits.
  • To identify and treat any malocclusion.
  • To detect any developmental anomalies in the mouth, teeth, or jaws.  

How can you help your child overcome their fear of visiting a dentist?

When it comes to helping your child overcome their fear of visiting a kids' dentist, there are several ways that can help them:

  • Keep the visits to the dentists as routine and low-stress as possible.
  • Enroll in a dental membership program that allows your child to earn points for every dental visit.
  • Allow your child to watch the cleaning procedure first before letting them sit on your lap for their own cleaning. If possible, let them sit next to you as you get your teeth cleaned by the dentist.
  • Treating a child as a friend and not just another patient can make all the difference.  

What are the different services offered by kid's dentists?

Since kids dentists are specially trained to treat children, they can provide services like the following:

Emergency Dental Care: If your child has a sudden dental emergency, e.g., an abscessed tooth, chipped tooth, etc., visit us immediately. We will provide you with the best emergency care and immediately address the issue with pain relief treatments.

Preventive Care: As parents, it's important that we teach our kids good oral health habits at an early age. A child should have regular dental check-ups every six months by visiting their pediatric dentist. During these check-ups, we will examine their teeth and gums and recommend any necessary treatment if required. We will also discuss proper oral hygiene practices with them and educate them on how to brush and floss their teeth correctly.  

Oral Surgery: When it comes to fixing malocclusion issues or injuries such as tooth fractures, we may recommend oral surgery for them if necessary. In some cases, we may also suggest braces for malocclusion issues in children.

Dental Education: We will teach them how to properly brush and floss their teeth at home so that they can continue practicing good oral health after they leave our office.  

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