How to Help Kids Have Healthy Teeth and Gums

How to Help Kids Have Healthy Teeth and Gums

Posted by We C Kids Dental on May 31 2021, 10:04 PM

When should I plan my kid's first dental visit? How should I keep my child's teeth and gums healthy? When should my kid start flossing?Most parents usually have a hard time deciding how much oral care their children typically require. Parents always want to prevent tooth decay and cavities in their kids, but many don't always know how to do it. Here, we will give you some guidelines on how to help your kid have healthy teeth and gums. 

When Should Kids Start Brushing Their Teeth?

Dental care for kids should ideally start before their first tooth appears. This ensures that the kid's primary teeth and gum stay healthy and free of any dental conditions.

Here's how to take care of the baby teeth of your kids: 

  • Even before your baby's first tooth appears, clean their gums using a clean, damp washcloth to remove harmful bacteria.
  • When your baby's teeth appear, use an infant toothbrush and plain water to clean them. Once they learn to spit, brush using a bit of fluoride toothpaste with the ADA seal of acceptance. 
  • Once two of their primary teeth erupt, start flossing between them.
  • Supervise children younger than 8 years during brushing, as they may swallow toothpaste.
  • Do not put your baby to sleep with a bottle containing milk, formula, or juice, as it can harm their teeth and can cause "baby bottle tooth decay." 
  • Once your kid is 6 months old, switch from a bottle to a sippy cup with a straw to limit the liquid in it from pooling around the baby's teeth.

3 Ways to Help Your Kid Have Healthy Teeth and Gums

Now, we have understood the basics of keeping the teeth and gums of the kids clean and healthy - by brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and taking them to regular dental check-ups. However, besides this, it is essential to realize that the diet habits of the kids also play a crucial role in their overall oral health. Here are five things parents need to incorporate into their kid's daily routine to achieve a healthy set of teeth and gum:

Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

Here is how drinking water can improve the oral health of your child: 

  •  Washes away the harmful bacteria in the mouth.
  •  Helps their body generate adequate saliva, a mouth's first defense to fight against tooth decay and cavities.
  • Decreases the pH level of the kid's mouth after they consume acidic foods and drinks.

Get Your Kids Sufficient Vitamin D

Getting enough vitamin D is vital for your kid's overall as well as oral health. Getting adequate vitamin D can reduce the risk of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. It is advised to get kids to have 10–30 minutes of mid-day sunlight exposure at least a few times a week to get sufficient vitamin D.  

Add Healthy Fats to Your Kid's Diet

Add healthy fats to your child's diet, like foods rich in omega 3s and saturated fats such as avocados, olive oil, grass-fed butter, almonds, and fatty fish to improve their oral and overall health.

The Bottomline

Ensuring regular brushing and flossing is not enough to maintain the health of your kid's teeth and gums. It is essential to ensure that they receive adequate hydration and nutrients to keep their mouth healthy and problem-free from the inside out.

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